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Social live events en bloggers

In order to make the public aware of the new website and to enable it to experience the museum’s narrative style, the Van Gogh Museum made a highly successful call-up via social media on the launch of the new website in August 2014. Everyone could ask questions and submit topics on Vincent van Gogh. This input was then used for the next story on the website in 2015.

Social live events
There were various ‘social live events’ on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. During these events, there was an opportunity to put questions to the curators of the Van Gogh Museum and to submit topics at pre-announced times. We asked the public for input on the new stories on the website and in this way created a lively online dialogue, in addition to engagement. This also gave us an insight into what the public would like to know. The calls and questions were liked and shared thousands of times on social media. In one of the live events, the landing page with the form had more than 2,800 hits.

We also invited a group of influential Amsterdam-oriented bloggers and young creatives. They were given an exclusive tour of the museum by conservators Teio Meedendorp and Nienke Bakker. As on the home page of the website, the key theme was colour. They were unanimously enthusiastic, as also shown by the positive blogs and social postings they published afterwards.