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Amsterdam Canals Festival programmes Friday Nights

On 22 August, the weekly Friday Nights programme at the Van Gogh Museum was all about the Amsterdam Canals Festival. It was not a concert setting, but a performance by five young cellists in the middle of a melting pot of young, art-loving visitors gave this public a chance to see Van Gogh’s masterpieces in a very different atmosphere. That was provided by this cello quintet, named Ensemble FIVE, with two short enchanting concerts in the central hall of the museum.

Ensemble FIVE
Ensemble FIVE is a young, interdisciplinary ensemble from Amsterdam consisting of five young cellists, 10 composers, a choreographer and a scenographer. They assign composers in genres such as pop, jazz, classical and film music to write new works for them. They also work with choreographers and visual artists on a setting in which the listeners decide for themselves how close they will sit to the quintet. In this way, they aim to build a bridge between classically trained audiences and a public that is not used to listening to classical music, but which is briefly taken into a different world by the intriguing sound of five cellos.