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12 meter long glass fins for new entrance building

The longest glass fin ever installed in the Netherlands, with a length of 12 meters, was positioned in the glass roof of the new Van Gogh Museum entrance at the Museumplein.

Transparent entrance building
The extra strong, reinforced and laminated glass fins together make up the transparent entrance building, consisting of 650 m2 cold bent glass and 600 m2 float glass for the roof. The additional 800 m2 of the new entrance will make the museum better equipped to receive the growing number of visitors in the future. The glass entrance, designed by Kisho Kurokawa and developed by Hans van Heeswijk architects in collaboration with Octatube, is being realised by the Central Government Real Estate Agency, the owner of the museum building.

To a very large extent, the Van Gogh Museum is financing this building project itself: €16 million of the required €20 million had already been raised in October, with the remaining €4 million still to be raised. The delivery is planned for the summer of 2015. The Van Gogh Museum will be open to the public throughout the construction period.